The proprietary splitSENSOR technology is a highly sensitive,flexible and easy-to-use reporter assay system to monitor various cellular events in living cells, including the activity of drug targets. Various cellular events, such as regulated protein-protein interactions, can be robustly and quantitatively measured both at the membrane and in the cytosol of the cell. This feature makes it, for example, an invaluable tool to assess the activity of receptors as measured by the regulated binding to their cognate cytosolic adapters. Therefore, this technology can be applied in particular to assess compound actions on drug targets, such as G protein-coupled receptors and receptor tyrosine kinases.

As luciferase reporters are used as readout, the splitSENSOR technology is amenable to high-throughput applications including compound screening approaches. targetSCREENER assays, which are based on the splitSENSOR technology, are available for transient expression, and alternatively, assay components can be stably integrated into mammalian cells of choice using neomycin selection.

The power and applicability of the splitSENSOR technology was demonstrated by various publications in high-class scientific journals.