Multiplexing Matters

Attempts to discover new drugs for genetically complex brain disorders have proven extremely difficult. Insufficient knowledge of the underlying biological mechanisms represents a critical challenge impacting the drug discovery process. This challenge is driving the need for innovative HTS methods that can elucidate the complex cellular communication, such as in primary mouse neurons and human disease models, in the early stages of drug discovery.

At Systasy, we address this need by delivering unmatched mode-of-action insights through highly multiplexed phenogenomic pathway profiling technologies for target selection, lead discovery, and safety profiling.

Our Goal

Reviving Drug Discovery for Complex Brain Disorders


Delivering In-Depth Mode-of-Action Insights into Cell Signaling

Our pathway profiling services offer unmatched early-on knowledge of disease-related cellular mechanisms to re-vitalize drug development for genetically complex diseases.


Transcriptomics to Pathways


Phenotypic Pathway Profiling


Phenogenomic Target Deconvolution


Lead Discovery


EXTassay Technology

The unmatched depth of our proprietary core technology enables to decode target specificity and cellular effector profiles within one single experiment. All signaling events are captured by molecularly barcoded reporters, resulting in the measurement of large data sets.

splitSENSOR Technology

The splitSENSOR technology is a highly sensitive, flexible and easy-to-use reporter assay system to monitor various cellular events in living cells. It is an invaluable tool to assess the activity of receptors as measured by the regulated binding to their cognate cytosolic adapters.


In Focus

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